My Bird Hangs on in Fright, but it’s Just For Kicks

Regular readers will remember I wrote about Chester Dowling’s first book Just For Kicks, The Story of My Life back in May. As well as being Chester’s autobiography and a most entertaining read it’s a fine work of English social history.

When I wrote that post, it was thought by Chester’s family (he passed away in 2017) that the first book was sold out, but later they found a few unsold copies. Recently I talked to his daughter Lizzie, who told me that there were only about ten copies left, which are for sale at £100 each. If you go to the Just For Kicks website and email from there, you might still be able to pick up a copy.

Just For Kicks two booksThis might be slightly NSFW if you click on it for a bigger version.

The Fifth Book
After Chester passed away, an almost complete Just For Kicks book was found on his computer.

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I Ride All Through The Night

Chester signs a bookChester at Ton-Up Day.

(Edited; two photos added)

Mike Sarne wrote in his forward to Johnny “Chester” Dowling’s book Just For Kicks:

“Surely we’re not to blame, me and my red Parlophone 45!..."  (and)  “...Not long after its original release, Chester (illegally I might add) was seen to be tearing around on an old BSA and ‘singing’ (or rather, shouting) my record”

Mike Sarne’s red Parlophone 45 was his 1962 record, Just For Kicks. Here’s the chorus:

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