Fiction (mine)

In The Face Of….

 Jack Pimlico looked Death in the face. “You again” he said, and laughed. Death looked back at him.
            “This can not go on,” he said. “Sooner or later you will pass away, then I can do my job” Death was not a towering skeletal figure with a scythe and a black hooded cloak, as you might assume. The suit was a dusty black alright, but Death looked like a dumpy middle aged businessman, short enough that most men could see the top of his bald head.


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Alien Biology

The supertigger

Here's another short science fiction story I've written. This is its first public showing. If you like this, then try my first story, here.  If you want to try some more science fiction short stories, then this looks like a very good place to start. The book at the link has stories from many of the masters of science fiction, and you will be able to try many different writing styles, and see which ones you like.

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Long Distance Plumbing

      Round the bend
      I heard a tapping noise coming from upstairs. I went to investigate. I opened the bathroom door and looked round the corner at the toilet bowl. The lid was lifting slightly with every tap.
      I thought there must be some sort of blockage or water pressure problem so I carefully lifted the lid. Standing in the bowl was a creature something like a pug dog and something like an octopus. It was blue.
      “Hey”, it said.

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