Children's books

Lake Monster Photo

Personal events mean that I'm not able to post this week, but here's your chance to have a little look through my archives...

The English Lakes front coverHere's a guide to the Lake District. It's a beautiful part of England that I haven't been to in 25 years, but this book is 108 years old.


The Jellymonster front coverHere's a children's book about a monster who is, as the saying goes, a bit "tasty".


All in One Camera Book 2Here's how to take pictures the easy way, with film cameras. And no automation.

What’s That Coming Over the Hill?

The Jellymonster head

“The jelly began to grow. Soon it was too big for the bowl,and it flopped out onto the table. Soon it grew too big for the kitchen, and it burst out through the door.
WobblewobbleWobblewobble!" it cried. It had grown into a Jelly Monster, and it set off into the town to turn everything to jelly.
“Who can save the world from this terrifying monster?”
(From the back cover)

The Jellymonster rampages

It's an exciting and only slightly scary children’s story with a humorous and satisfying ending, and there’s lots of vivid illustrations of the evil creature as it goes on its jelly rampage.

The Jellymonster front cover

This is just the thing for small boys, and I read it to my young nephews again and again, doing the jelly monster’s wobble call as it jellified shops, houses, and the swimming pool.

They are now 16 and 18, and the younger one told me, “The Jelly Monster is an excellent book for children; I have very fond memories of Roger reading it to us when we were younger. It was my favourite out of all the books he read”

His brother agreed with what I've written here, but added, "I always enjoyed you reading it to me”

I found this rather battered copy at the local library, and for the amount of entertainment it’s provided, was a bargain at 60p.

The Jelly Monster by Mike Ratnett, Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley.