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January 2019

A Birthday Treat

It’s been a whole year since I first posted on Roger The Reader and I’ve covered all sorts of book type subjects since then. Here’s a few that I really liked...

What’s That Coming Over the Hill?
The Jellymonster head(My first post) No birthday is complete without jelly, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing…

“The jelly began to grow. Soon it was too big for the bowl, and it flopped out onto the table. Soon it grew too big for the kitchen, and it burst out through the door. “WobblewobbleWobblewobble!” it cried. It had grown into a Jelly Monster, and it set off into the town to turn everything to jelly.
“Who can save the world from this terrifying monster?” (From the back cover)

The Jelly Monster by Mike Ratnett, Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley.

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Token, Present

Reacher Lies Sleeping

Twelfth night was Saturday. The dust has settled, the decorations are down, the cards put away; I’ve read my Christmas books.

As I’d hoped, these books were Lies Sleeping by Ben Aaronovitch, the most recent of his Rivers of London series, and Past Tense by Lee Child; his latest Reacher novel. I wrote about these two rather good series before Christmas, here.

Of course, then I had to be patient, and see if the fat bloke with the white beard and the red outfit did the right thing. He did.

Well worth the wait for both these books, I reckon. So here’s a couple of excerpts, first from Lies Sleeping:

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