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A Box of Books

Tingrith phonebox library

As I drove through West Bedfordshire after a job I was surprised to spot a mini library in a phone box. That’s four I know of within half an hour from home now. I parked up and jumped out of the car. I've taken to carrying a digital compact camera with me, so I soon had some photos in the bag. A few minutes later I was back in the car and on my way to the next client.

This one, in the small village of Tingrith, is on the High Street opposite the end of church Road. I’m all in favour of anything that encourages reading, so it’s good to see another mini library.

I've already showed you a couple at Woburn and Flitton, both not far from Tingrith and also in Bedfordshire. There’s another I've featured at Gawcott in Buckinghamshire. if you live in or near Milton Keynes can you tell me of any more in the area? I'm almost afraid to ask because I'm running out of puns for the post titles!

K6 phonebox and pillar box
Tingrith type 6 phone box

Off Schedule

Folks, I’ve been lagging behind schedule for a while. My apologies, but I’ve been busy with other, non blog related work. I hope to be getting back on schedule soon, so watch this space!

Thanks folks!