Closing the Books

Used book shopFive Reasons to Visit Used Book Shops Instead of Going Online.

Folks, I am no longer adding posts to this blog. Thanks to everyone who ever read a post or made a comment on Roger the Reader.

My other blog, The North Bucks Wanderer is still up and running, and you can see weekly posts from me there. As on here, all photos and text are my own work. Here's a few photos from the year and a bit the blog ran for; clicking on the link below each photo takes you to the post it appeared in. That's all, folks.

Ilford Sportsman and All in One Camera BookEasy Photography.

Just For Kicks on Just For KicksI Ride All Through the Night

Drain Pig sees the lightComic Strips

A View of the Church

Observer's Book of Old English ChurchesThe cover photo is of All Saints church, at Feering, in Essex.

Another post on The Observer's Book series.

This is a book I've owned and found very useful for quite a while; The Observer's Book of Old English Churches.

While I was researching for this post, I found that there’s a rare version of this book, with the cover in a glossy finish; I’ve seen it for sale for £118! But my 1965 copy with the same cover design is worth just what I paid for it; £3.50.

That’s okay; it means that I don’t mind taking it with me when I‘m working on my blog, The North Bucks Wanderer.

This is what the book is intended for. The general arrangement of this book is designed with this in mind; the contents list is not in page order. Instead the list is in alphabetical order, so that you can easily find the right section.

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When I First Met Slippery Jim DiGriz

Stainless Steel Rat's RevengeThe second Slippery Jim DiGriz novel.

I had read every single book that interested me in the children’s section of my small local library, and I was hungry for more. I wasn’t quite old enough to officially borrow adult books, so my mum lent me her adult library card. 

For the first time I could look at books to borrow, in the adult section of the library. One of the first books I took home that day was the yellow jacketed Gollanz edition of Harry Harrison’s excellent science fiction novel, The Stainless Steel Rat’s Revenge.

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Manual Exposure

Pentax K20D and manualsThe green stars on the camera are so I can tell it from the other Pentax at a glance.

Most of the photos you’ll see on this blog were taken on Pentax cameras. Of course, they’re digital cameras, but I’ve had Pentax film cameras in the past.

In the 1980s,  I owned  a Pentax K2. They were first produced in 1975. It has auto or manual exposure and is manual focus. It was solid, it had a lovely viewfinder, I enjoyed using it. Short of money, I had to sell it. But I wouldn’t mind another one.

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